Second week of Harvest 2012

Monday was day we were able to harvest our Sauvignon Blanc grapes which showed an intensive flavour of gooseberry and touch of black current. We believe these grapes will be very worthy follower of the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc Trauben
In the afternoon we continued with Pinot Gris, which were well sheltered on higher elevated piece of ground. These vines are growing on loamy soils so our grapes gain a minerality that is unique.
GrauburgunderGrauer BurgunderVerena

This year all our harvest photos are being taken by our team member Verena, seen above on the fare right.

On Tuesday the Photographer Michael Wissing visited our Winery. He captured the best portraits of our Family and our Wines, which will be published in the next Bookazine named ‘baden’.

Michael WissingMichael Wissing

The first batch of Cabernet Dorsa were ripe, to be collected.

Cabernet Dorsa

This week we brought in our Pinot Blanc.
Weißer BurgunderWeißburgunder

as well as our Pinot noir growing on loß soil.
Pinot Noir ErntePinot NoirPinot Noir

Thankfully the Botrytis infected berries are very few and fare between, so we don’t need to panic but can continue harvesting our grapes at a steady rate.

This Tuesday we are having a film team arriving to do a take for the series Weinwunder Deutschland starring Stuart Piggott. The highlight for our Winery and Vineyard will be our Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay grapes. We are looking forward to it.