2010 was a challenging year! Rain during the whole flowering period brought us a bad fruit set. Rain carried on in summer time. We concentrated on deleafing to ensure the aeration of the fruits.

14th of August we had heavy rains here in Bischoffingen causing erosion damgages in the vineyards and our cellar was filled quickly with water. Thanks a lot to the voluntary fire department of Bischoffingen helping us to dewater our wine cellar!

Because of the contrary weather we had fruits of different maturaty station right before harvest. We decided to wait with picking that the fruits could enjoy a long hang time on the vines. We picked the fruits step after step at their perfect aromatical stage.

21st of October the first morning frost arrived. Interestingly the very ripe fruits on the vines had a different taste like the day before. Pinot Blanc, for example, offered us a more yellow-fruit-taste.

In the end, we were glad about the qualities of vintage 2010. The climate offered us a reduced crop and due to our strict vineyard management we had no fungal problems and could pick healthy ripe grapes. After fermentation the wines presented intense fruit aromas, a moderate acidity combined with very good sugarfree extract values.