Redwine Cuvée Maximillian

Current Vintage: 2009/2010
Older Vintages: 2008

Our redwine cuvée is named after Irene’s grandfather Maximillian.
What’s the story of this cuvée? As one of the best german winemakers we often have visitors which do avoid german red wines. These kind of visitors love the Bordeaux wine style. Since 1992 we grow a little section of Cabernet Sauvignon. But we have to admit that here are not the ideal climatical conditions to grow a great Cabernet Sauvignon. For that reason we stopped thinking about a Bordeaux alternative pretty fast.

Some years later, visiting the winemaker Ernst Dautel we tasted a dark coloured, fullbodied red wine reminding us of a Bordeaux. There we got the first time in touch we a pretty new variety called Cabernet Dorsa. We did some research and disvovered more new varieties like Cabernet Cubin, Cabernet Dorio, Acolon, etc…..

1998 we got the permission to cultivate these new varieties and started creating our own “Kaiserstuhl Bordeaux” called Maximillian.