Harvest 2012

We started our Haverst on Monday the 24th of September 2012. We could have started earlier but utilised the extra days of sunshine to give our grapes more time to develope their uniqueness.

Are first choice of picking was our Pinot Noir clone, which due to their east to west alignement they were exposed much more to the sun. Therefore some berries had shriveled up and their Sugarlevels were high. This week the weatherforcast is it will be rainy and the tempertures staying moderate … great conditions for Botrytis infections ….




All hands on deck we went out picking eventhough the Weather was not looking so rosy.

We had rains and strong winds in the Morning which cleared later on. Leaving us a nice day with a few showers.

The outcome of the day was 15% vol. potential Alcohol… What more do you want?

The weather prediction is causing us a little of a headache….Not just the Pinot needs to be brought in fast.. but also the Rivaner (Mueller Thurgau)….There are single berries which will change colour to a pinkisch tient… this is a sign that Botrytis will spread soon…Our Harvest will keep us on our toes the next few weeks…. Please understand somethings don’t run as smoothly as normal..:-)