3. Place gained by our 2009er Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon at the Magazin Focus tasting

2009 was the best Red wine year we have had in the Kaiserstuhl upto now. Durring budburst we had bad weather resulting in lower yields. Then the perfect dry weather in Autum with cool nights round off the growth cycle fabously. At a blind tasting done by the magazine Focus (Nr. 49 / 12 vom 3.12.2012 ab Seite 152) our 2009er Merlot & Cabernet Suavignon was rewarded 3 place! This was the only Wine from Baden in the top 10! For further infromation please click here ( hier klicken )

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Second week of Harvest 2012

Monday was day we were able to harvest our Sauvignon Blanc grapes which showed an intensive flavour of gooseberry and touch of black current. We believe these grapes will be very worthy follower of the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc Trauben
In the afternoon we continued with Pinot Gris, which were well sheltered on higher elevated piece of ground. These vines are growing on loamy soils so our grapes gain a minerality that is unique.
GrauburgunderGrauer BurgunderVerena

This year all our harvest photos are being taken by our team member Verena, seen above on the fare right.

On Tuesday the Photographer Michael Wissing visited our Winery. He captured the best portraits of our Family and our Wines, which will be published in the next Bookazine named ‘baden’.

Michael WissingMichael Wissing

The first batch of Cabernet Dorsa were ripe, to be collected.

Cabernet Dorsa

This week we brought in our Pinot Blanc.
Weißer BurgunderWeißburgunder

as well as our Pinot noir growing on loß soil.
Pinot Noir ErntePinot NoirPinot Noir

Thankfully the Botrytis infected berries are very few and fare between, so we don’t need to panic but can continue harvesting our grapes at a steady rate.

This Tuesday we are having a film team arriving to do a take for the series Weinwunder Deutschland starring Stuart Piggott. The highlight for our Winery and Vineyard will be our Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay grapes. We are looking forward to it.

First Week of 2012 Harvest

Here the summary of the first week…. we are very happy with the results so far.

The frequent rain showers which cooled down the air temperature had only encouraged little growth of Botrytis. On Monday and Tuesday we brought in the fully ripe Pinot Noir grapes which would not benefit from further rainfall. The Rivaner grape were very ripe with very few infected berries therefore we decided to harvest all of our plots this week.

Rivaner TraubenRivaner TraubenAm Rivaner ernten

Such good quality of fruit, we had to ensure that it was harvest with care and transfer straight to the winery. Beautiful Aromas of yellow stoned fruit…. nearly as intensive as last years.

Our team had such a good pace that they were able to harvest our Auxerrois grapes as well, even though it rained in-between.

Auxerrois TraubenRegenAuxerrois nach dem RegenAuxerrois

After heavy rainfall the ground was sodden and very slippy that is why we couldn’t use our Tractor to drive through the vines.

Thankfully our Pinot Gris SJ vines are relatively short rows, so we were able to carry out all the grapes per hand.

Grauer Burgunder SJ im BottichWir ernten Grauer Burgunder SJGrauer Burgunder SJ verlesenGrauer Burgunder SJ untersuchen

Our Pinot Noir have reached their full ripeness. Here we have to work a lot by hand ….

On Saturday our first batch of Pinot Gris, growing on higher elevation and loamy soil, were harvested.

Grauburgunder vom LößbodenGrauburgunderGrauer BurgunderVogelfraß am Grauburgunder

In the Afternoon we harvested the next batch of Pinot Noir growing on Volcanic soil.

This week we will continue harvesting Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and our first batch of Pinot Blanc. In-between we will be bringing in our Cabernet Dorsa and most likely our Cabernet Cortis as well.

Somehow all the grapes have come to their optimum ripeness at the same time…. Intensive Aromas and good balance of acidity. We expect to be able to finish our harvest within next fortnight.


Harvest 2012

We started our Haverst on Monday the 24th of September 2012. We could have started earlier but utilised the extra days of sunshine to give our grapes more time to develope their uniqueness.

Are first choice of picking was our Pinot Noir clone, which due to their east to west alignement they were exposed much more to the sun. Therefore some berries had shriveled up and their Sugarlevels were high. This week the weatherforcast is it will be rainy and the tempertures staying moderate … great conditions for Botrytis infections ….




All hands on deck we went out picking eventhough the Weather was not looking so rosy.

We had rains and strong winds in the Morning which cleared later on. Leaving us a nice day with a few showers.

The outcome of the day was 15% vol. potential Alcohol… What more do you want?

The weather prediction is causing us a little of a headache….Not just the Pinot needs to be brought in fast.. but also the Rivaner (Mueller Thurgau)….There are single berries which will change colour to a pinkisch tient… this is a sign that Botrytis will spread soon…Our Harvest will keep us on our toes the next few weeks…. Please understand somethings don’t run as smoothly as normal..:-)