Pinot Gris

Current Vintage: 2019
Older Vintages: 2010, 2011

The wine region “Kaiserstuhl” is famous for its Pinot Gris. Pinot Gris is a true allrounder regarding vineyard sites and soil. Growing Pinot Gris on loess soil you get elegant and fruity wine styles. From volcanic soil the wines are more tangy and fullbodied.

A perfect vineyard managament means also to take care that the sugar level of the fruits is not enhancing too much. Pinot Gris with a high alcohol level often have the effect to taste buttry and alcoholic.

Pinot Gris is vulnarable for unwanted bitterness. Chewing the skin of a berry you can quick taste the bitterness. For that reason we pick and sort the fruits by hand. At the winery a whole cluster pressing gently and slowly removes the juice from the skins and seeds, reducing the bitter components and preserving the brilliant fruit character. Only 25% of the wine was barreled down in used oak, 75% was fermented in stainless steel.