The Philosophy

Our Agenda
After studying oenology in Geisenheim, Karl Heinz Johner and his family shifted to England where he worked as a winemaker for a big winery. There he was introduced to the international wine world seen through the eyes of a English wine lover. He recognized that France produces the most expensive red and white wines. The varieties in Burgundy like Pinot Noir & Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris were no strangers for Karl Heinz. Exactly these varieties are popular grapes at his home, the German wine region Baden. Why does Burgundy have this world-wide famous reputation and Baden not? And both regions have similar winegrowing conditions? To unravel this mystery became the work of his lifetime.

Knowledge and Experience…
… is the fundament to produce excellent high quality wines!
With our long lasting Know-how in winemaking we try each year to gain the best fruits from our vineyard watching the climate of the growing season, the different vineyard sites, the age of the vines and the crop of the plants carefully. For us winemaking means to preserve the “vineyard-born quality” of a wine.

Vineyard work
The natural growth, no matter if vegetal or generative growth, must be controlled, even when the vines are older than 30 years. Intense manual vineyard work, like canopy management, deleafing or the green harvest are the keystones to pick fruits of high quality.