Film team at work for the series ‘Weinwunder Deutschland’ starring Stuart Pigott

Karl Heinz mit Stuart Pigott

Last Week we had a very special group of visitors.

Stuart Pigott came with his film team to capture all we could show and tell about Chardonnay for their 3rd season of the series Weinwunder Deutschland.

This was one of the reasons we had not yet harvested our Chardonnay but the main one was they weren’t yet fully ripe.

On the day of filming we had heavy rainfall therefore could not pick our grapes. This was beneficial for the film team, since we had a lot more dedicated time to help them complete their film material.

On Thursday last week we were able to go out to continue harvesting,since the weather had improved and the ground was firm enough. That is when we started on our Chardonnay vines.Dreharbeiten zur Chardonnay Weinlese

Unfortunately not all the grapes had coped with the heavy rainfall. There were single berries that showed sign of Botrytis infection. This is why we choose to put all the grapes through a sorting table.


Last Wednesday Stuart Pigott had some time left so he was able to taste our full range of wines. He was astounded and could not comprehend the way our wines had been described in a specif ‘wine guide book’. The 2009 white and red SJ wines are still too closed at the moment therefore should be evaluated later on. In comparison some of our colleagues have already presented younger wines that are more open and approachable at this moment of time. This leads to the question what will these young wines be like in 10 years time?

Stuart Pigott verkostet unsere Weine